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  2. 照明安装 & 修复


A gorgeous new lighting fixture is one of the few things that can instantly transform a dreary space. 如果您需要照明安装作为您的家庭改造项目的一部分, 确保你雇佣了正确的承包商. 一个合格的电工需要布线和正确安装一个灯具, and it’s quite easy to identify when lighting has been placed carelessly by an unskilled professional.

最靠谱的网赌软件可以帮助拉斯维加斯的房主, 内华达, 确保新灯具的安全安装, 准确地, 和装修的审美目标.


Allstate Service 集团’s full-time in-house electricians have the knowledge and resources to install all types of interior and outdoor lighting. 我们的完全许可的电力, 管道, and the gas firm can perform even large-scale jobs in a timely and efficient manner. Here are some samples of light fixtures that we may install as part of any interior or exterior remodel:

  • 吊灯
  • Under-cabinet照明
  • 隐藏式照明
  • 能灯
  • 户外照明
  • RGB灯


By entering your entire postcode and filling out the work information in the given form, you can schedule your light installation appointment or any electrical service online in a matter of minutes. 您将能够实时查看我们当前的可用性和价格, 让你选择一个最适合你的时间.


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Allstate Service 集团 offers the best home lighting 安装 and repair services in 拉斯维加斯, 北拉斯维加斯, 亨德森, 克拉克郡, 博尔德市, 春谷, 企业, 内尔尼斯空军基地, Summerlin, Pahrump社区.


Look no further if you need a team of electrical specialists to install new light fixtures in your house or workplace. 为家庭, 我们会给你最好的建议在哪里安装新的照明设备, 我们将确保这个项目将正确地完成. Our team of contractors can also undertake commercial works such as lighting installation in an office or restaurant, assisting your company in achieving the dynamic environment that will elevate your business to the next level of sophistication.


Indoor lighting maintenance and light fixture installation are provided by Allstate Service 集团. Our lighting installers are highly trained specialists who have worked on a wide range of lighting projects.

You can rely on our team for all of your light fixture installation and repair work since we have many years of electrical knowledge and a reputation for constantly providing exceptional customer service.


  • 天花板照明
  • 吊灯
  • 浴虚荣照明
  • 墙照明
  • 跟踪照明
  • 隐藏式照明
  • 荧光照明
  • 池照明
  • 台球桌、娱乐室等照明.


户外照明安装工作也可以由最靠谱的网赌软件负责. Our skilled landscape lighting installers will work directly with you to get the ideal results whether you want to add lights to your backyard, 甲板, 或花园. 从灯柱到户外的墙壁装置, our outdoor lighting professionals can repair your current landscape or outdoor lighting.


  • 泛光照明
  • 安全照明
  • 灯的帖子
  • 室外墙装置
  • 灯后
  • 花园照明
  • 户外天花板固定装置
  • 景观照明
  • 池照明

每一个照明装置都是从实用和美学的角度出发的. 我们承接各种各样的项目, from simple recessed lighting to whole yard makeovers that include new light fixture installation, 与现有照明系统集成, 和更多的. 不管是什么工作, our 友好的 electricians will answer any questions or issues you may have during the process, 确保你完全的快乐.


您的线路需要修理吗? 你的照明灯具被打了,现在需要一些TLC? 请允许我们帮助您! We have the knowledge and experience to conduct electrical lighting repair operations safely and 准确地. A sloppy lighting repair might result in recurring lighting instrument damage, or worse. Don’t put your house or business’s integrity in the hands of shoddy electrical work. 给我们打电话吧! 我们正是你们要找的电气专家.


灯具安装, 套接字替换, and light circuit wiring are all tasks that certified electricians in 拉斯维加斯 are familiar with.



我们如何组织灯具的维修、更换和安装 & 布线?

Professional electricians can assist you with everything from attaining ambient lighting in your kitchen, 卧室, or living room through a skilled ceiling light fitting to replacing broken fixtures with new and modern lighting solutions.

这将优化您的墙壁重点照明以及. 你可能 also seek their help if you’re unclear about what to buy to satisfy your lighting requirements. If you’re looking for modest lighting choices for when you use your bathroom or kitchen late at night, 有各种各样的橱柜和梳妆台灯风格可供选择.

你可以安装各种各样的照明项目, 固定, 或替换, 根据区域的主要用途和您的独特需求:

  • Wall sconces, track and recessed lighting, pendants and chandeliers, and wallcharts;
  • 落地灯, 台灯, under-cabinet照明, 摆臂照明都是照明的例子.
  • 梳妆台上的灯, 浴室的镜子灯, 墙上的射灯都是浴室照明的例子.
  • 花园内安装led照明,安全无忧.

如需灯具安装或更换, 或照明问题修复,如跳闸断路器, 一个松散的线, 保险丝熔断后整流, 或解决线路困难, 我们可以帮助.

请别犹豫 最靠谱的网赌软件 即使你只需要换几个灯泡. 经过培训和称职的电工将为您迅速和适当地服务.


看起来很简单, 更换一个损坏的灯泡并不总是那么简单, 可能是插座或灯泡本身出了问题, 正如以前讨论的. 作为一个结果, whether you’re not sure how to change a light bulb or you’re tired of your home’s high-energy-consumption traditional lighting, 利用我们的灯泡安装服务.

Our fantastic specialists can replace or install energy-saving (CFL), LED, or halogen light bulbs.


损坏或老化的电灯开关会导致你家的照明问题. 你可能 订购我们的电灯开关接线, replacement and repair services in 拉斯维加斯 to effectively and safely restore the appropriate working of your lighting system. 我们可以安装, 重新连接, 并维修以下:调光开关, 单极开关, 3路和4路开关, 插件电灯开关, 和更多的.


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